LEOTECH - Dust suppression experts

LEOTECH is world's leader in dust and odour suppression systems and machines based on atomized jet technology. In 2001 we developed the first dust suppression cannons, afterwards sold all over the world. Some years later we asked ourselves if a better technology for dust suppression could exist: the current LEOTECH's ranges of products, protected by patents, is the answer.


Autonomous machines with internal combustion engine


Machines in electric version


Rotofog System ®, Demolition Pack®, Basic systems

LEOTECH has been inventing and manufacturing highly innovative solutions for more than 30 years.

Leotech products are protected by international patents, which allow us to stand up over the market. This know-how, firmly claimed and protected, allows us to be always one step ahead, bringing to the professional operators the best solutions to work safely, productively and efficiently.