DIESEL (Gasoline or Electric only on request); throw 15m, 25m, 35m and 55m.

MOTOFOG MF10-20-40-60-MFX

The best range in the world for dust suppression with high pressure

The MOTOFOG idea

MOTOFOG is a nebulized jet dust suppression equipped with an internal combustion engine, which drives the high pressure pump. The water is sent to the nozzles holder head with rotation and lift by hand or electric movement. The jet is positioned to a height, which doesn’t disturb the technicians in the building site.

Economic saving

All in one: MOTOFOG, with on-board pump and engine, avoids the purchase of a generator on work site

Water saving

The water saving in comparison to the traditional systems is remarkable.

No electrical cable on work site

There will be no more electrical cables in the building site and in the puddles.

Easier displacements

The machine is equipped with wheels for easier displacements in the building site and can be equipped with water container.

PICKUP, no big trucks!

You do not need a truck to transport MOTOFOG, just a pickup!

Efficiency superior to any other product

The fans create turbulence and displace the dust, MOTOFOG catches the dust a make it fall down on the ground.

Choose the MOTOFOG and MFX model that best suits your needs:

With ranges from 10 to 55 m and Diesel, Electric and Petrol versions, we have the right answer to every need.


Version B, E


D Version


D Version


D Version


B Version