RFW 60

RFW 60 is the new electrically powered dust suppression unit by Leotech. RFW 60 is provided with the same exclusive features as the whole Leotech's range, making it incredibly versatile and performing, a unique machine in the dust suppression industry.

Unparalleled design, compactness and versatiliy:

Let's talk about dimensions, extremely compact, such as to allow it to be transported over a common pickup truck.
Three large tyres, one of them with a steering towing bar, allow to easily move it by hand on site.
The patented design, attractive and shaped by a single, strong main body, ensures a good protection of the main components, as the spraying arm and the electric control board.

Top level performances, adjustable water flow and low electric power requirements thanks to the Dual Power technology.

RFW 60 can be operated in two modes:



High performances combined with low energy consumption and flexibility to adapt to different operative needs: this is Leotech's Dual Power technology.

The quietest dust suppression machine ever on the market.

With a sound pressure level of 59-62 dB(A) at a distance of 20 m, RFW 60 is currently (2024) the quietest dust suppression machine on the market, especially when compared to the fan based machines.

Main features:

RFW 60 is equipped as a standard with:

  • -Electrically operated horizontal and vertical movements of the spraying arm, controlled by a joystick.
  • -Adjustable horizontal automatic rotation ( up to 270°).
  • -Double front spotlights, to illuminate in depth the site and the working area (even when the machine is not operative).
  • -RFW 60 can be supplied with water from the mains (pressurized water) as well as from a tank (near zero pressure).
  • -RFW 60 is available in two versions: movable on wheeled frame (3 wheels, one steering, with tiltable towing bar) or fixed (for stationary applications, provided with supporting base brackets).
  • -The movable version is provided with forklift pockets to easily transport and lift the unit with a forklift.
Field of application

RFW 60 is a multi-purpose unit, which can adapt both to movable and stationary applications. Thanks to the Dual Power technology, it can easily adapt to temporary working sites and demolition activities of every size, requiring different levels of performance, water use and energy consumption.

The quietness of RFW 60 allows to operate in situations and placese where very low noise levels are mandatory, such as residential areas, night-time activities or even indoor use.
Quarries, stationary processing plants, storage areas, ore piles and landfills are suitable applications for the fixed version installed on supporting brackets.

Why prefer RFW 60 over a fan based unit?

The substantial advatages of RFW 60 over a fan based unit are the following:
  • Way lower energy consumption, in the range of -30% for the same performaces.
  • Adaptability to the actual jet range requirements with the Dual Power mode.
  • Quietness.
  • Compact size and unparalleled maneuverability.
  • Extremely simplified and reduced maintenance, starting from the nozzles: RFW 60 has only two selectable nozzles with big holes, which do not actually need any maintenance, while the fan based machines use several dozens to hundreds of nozzles with tiny holes, very prone to clogging.
  • Highly efficient and effective jet of finely nebulised water, with reduced air turbulence, which suppresses the airborn dust without displacing it.
  • Radio control to remotely operate the unit.
  • Mobile frame kit: three wheels frame, with one steering wheel and towing bar.
  • Stationary frame kit: base supporting brackets to fasten the unit.

It is possible to buy both the frame kits and easily configure the machine according to the specific need.


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