RFW 80

ROTOFOG RFW is the new dust suppression robot by LEOTECH, based on the nebulised water jet technology and with a high operative range.


120 cm x 168 cm x h 165 cm

Our innovative range of products to improve the quality of our environment widens with the new ROTOFOG RFW.

ROTOFOG RFW is the new dust suppression robot by LEOTECH, based on the nebulised water jet technology and with a high operative range.
Suitable for very wide or intensive jobs, RFW is the premium solution for dust suppression where power, smartness and quietness blend together in a unique and unprecedented product.
RFW is suitable for big quarries, big demolitions, big industrial plants, storage facilities, reciclying plants or landfills.

Water consumption

  • Pump 1: 100 l/1'
  • Max: Pump 1 + pump 2: 200 l/1'


15 + 15 kW (RFW80)

Water pressure

25-80 bar

The main features of MFX are: power, compactness and multifunctionality.


RFW is carachterised by a compact yet impressive design. The lower volume includes the motors, the pumps and the control board, while the upper volume is represented by a strong motorized arm, provided with a spraying head. When the unit is not operative, the arm can be folded on the lower frame, while in operative mode it can reach an impressive height. RFW can be installed over different structures, movable, fixed or over a tower.

Adjustable power and performances:

RFW is provided with Leotech Dual Jet technology, which allows to operate the unit with single or double pump, to better adapt to the specific needs of each job. The power of the machine and the fine high pressure nebulisation, allow operative ranges from 60-80 m. The lack of fan blowers, allows a powerful and strong water jet with low sensibility to the wind conditions and without creating artificial air streams which could displace the dust instead of suppressing it.


A key feature of RFW is its smartness. Besides a basic operative mode (start/stop with instant activation of the electrically operated head movements), it can easily be programmed with three easy steps:

  • - Setting of the horizontal rotation angle starting from a reference point (from 0° to 300°)
  • - Number of working cycles, meaning how many times the machine will consecutively spray at constant speed covering the selected angle.
  • - Idling time between an activation and the following one.
  • These setting allow an automatic and efficient management of the system, with a continuous treatment.


RFW is the unit wit top performances for dust suppression with the lowest noise levels worldwide: less than 58 dB at 20 m. Very remarkable values when compared to the units based on fan blower technology.

Main features:

RFW is available only with electric power supply an can be installed over different structures, fixed or movable.
Electric horizontal rotation: 0° to 300°
Electric vertical rotation: -15° to 70°


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