MFX are: power, compactness and multifunctionality; available in B-Petrol version.


90 cm x 50 cm x h 75 cm

MFX 20 B

MFX is the new dust suppression unit by Leotech, which adds to the MOTOFOG range of products.

Like all the MOTOFOGs, MFX is an autonomous and movable nebulising unit, provided with engine and pump on board. It can deliver a high pressure nebulised water jet with a range up to ca. 20-25 m, by means of an electrically operated spraying arm.

Just connect the unit to a water supply (from a water tank or from the mains) and you are ready to go, without any need for electric genset or dangerous electric cables laying on the ground.


horizontal 20-25 m


Vertical 12 m

Water consumption

  • Min: l/1'
  • Max: l/1'


B- Petrol: 6,6 kW

Water pressure

25-80 bar

The main features of MFX are: power, compactness and multifunctionality.


MFX is a concentrate of technologies and high efficiency; with a water capacity of ca. 20 l/min and a range up to ca 20/25 m, it can satisfy multiple operative needs. The throw range can be adjusted by changing the engine speed.


MFX encloses all the features of a MOTOFOG unit within an incredibly compact frame (Overall dimensions - 200% compared to the standard Motofog). MFX can be loaded and transported without any problem even on small truck of any type.

Multifunctionality, a single machines for different apllications:

the power and the compactness of MFX allow multiple configurations and applications, easily adapting it to various needs thanks to the set-ups designed by Leotech. Besides that, MFX is provided with the Dual Jet system, meaning a double water distribution, allowing to choose between a narrow and longer jet, or a shorter yet wider one, to cover, as an example, a whole roadway with a single pass. You can use MFX in a steady configuration, as it is, or install it on a wheeled frame to easily move it around the working site. You can even mount it on tank supporting brackets, which allow to install MFX on a common 1000 l IBC tank and then load the whole assembly on small pickup truck to move it around. These configurations can be assembled or disassembled at will, allowing MFX a multifunctional operation, suitable to deliver the best performances on any application:

  • Dust suppression on demolitions activities and working sites. [Wheeled frame]
  • Movable dust suppression unit for roadways, tracks and yards on working sites. [Tank mounting]
  • Sanitization of outdoor areas, particularly with IBC tank transported on truck or pickup. [Tank mounting + water + sanitizing additives]
  • Odour suppression. [Wheeled frame or tank mounting]
  • Every other application requiring dust suppression, odour suppression or sanitization.

Dual Jet

MFX with DUAL JET is highly flexible and suits perfectly the operator’s requirements. The mounted
nozzles allow, through a simple manoeuvre, some jets which can advantage the range or the width
according to the operation necessities.


MFX standard in provided with four rubber mounts, pump driven by a petrol/gasoline engine, Dual Jet system with double nozzle, electrically operated arm on 2 axis, electrically adjustable horizontal rotation angle, automatic horizontal rotation, engine electric starter. Optionals: Remote radio control for all the operating functions, including engine start/stop, electrically operated throttle and spraying arm movements; wheeled frame, tank mounting for 1000 l IBC tank.

Arm with electric movement

Fully adjustable vertical and horizontal movements.

Dual jet

Adjustable nozzle inclination.


All the functions can be easily set from the control panel on the machine.


Remote control through radio (optionals)


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