RFA 10

The ideal solution for indoor use.

RFA 10

RFA 10 is an autonomous dust suppression and humidifier unit with nebulized jet suitable for indoor environments.
RFA 10 is equipped with a 360° turning head. The rotation angle of the spraying head, the working and the waiting timings can be
easily set from the control panel on board.
RFA 10 is available with on board systems characterized by different capacity, all low energy and low water consumption, to better
adapt to the customer’s needs. The standard version is equipped with four wheels to ease indoor movements.
The standard height is 3 m.
RFA 10 is the ideal dust suppression and humidifier unit for the indoor activities that require a non intrusive and noiseless
nebulization, without wetting the material.


10-15 m (360°)

Water consumption

  • Min: l/1'
  • Max: l/1'


Electric: 2,0 kW/ 110-240 V

Water pressure

25-60 bar


4 wheels for easy movement on a flat ground


It is possible to rotate the pole to reduce the overall dimensions during transport and storage


RFA 10 is available in 240 Vac or 110 Vac single phase versions, according to the country.


The whole RFA range has a maximum rotation of 360 °

Work mode

Parking mode

It is forbidden to wet the material

RFJ10 is the version of RFA that is best suited for treating processes that require minimal amounts of water on materials.

Quality material

The RFA structure is completely hot-dip galvanized to guarantee a long-lasting product.

Total control

RFA's control panel allows you to set a very high number of operation modes.

Nebulized jet

The high pressure jet of RFA 10 is finely nebulized, allowing you to efficiently treat even difficult materials such as paper.


Remote control through radio (optionals)


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