Environmental dust suppression system with nebulized jet


ROTOFOG ® is the most revolutionary and innovative product in the dust separation field. ROTOFOG ® is a centralized system, which includes dust separators with nebulized jet placed in the different points of the working place. A remote control allows the single distributors to eliminate dust in an effective and cheap way, with considerable water saving. The control unit includes a pump with limited power which is suitable for operational requirements. The system is conceived to have a total automatic management with the possibility to integrate the data gathered from a network ofenvironmental sensors. ROTOFOG ® can be used in opened and closed rooms, such as pits, storehouses, steelworks, coal treatment plants, cement works, recycling plants, warehouses and wherever it may be necessary.

System components:


The ROTOFOG ® system is equipped with proper control software called RF Commander. The software has a friendly interface for the operator and all different settings in position and working modes are easy learning. On the computer appears a plant layout with the concerned sectors and the ROTOFOG ® heads. Different working modes are foreseen according to Customer’s requirements.


The pumping and control unit is a cabin including a pressure pump, sectioning valve and heads controllers ROTOFOG ®. According to the number of heads to be driven, the pump can differ in power from 1,5 kW to 7,5 kW. The sectioning valves number is the same of the heads number and they are driven by central controls. The ROTOFOG ® Control Unit is always connected to the computer through the software RF Commander. The panel on board allows the manual operation of pump, valve and heads.


The heart of the dust separators having nebulized jet is represented by the automated head of ROTOFOG ®, available in version RF with rotation and RFX without rotation. The automated head is placed in the necessary points to suppress the dust and can be installed according to requirements on a bar with working height till about 7 m. In this case a proper base fixed underground into a shaft in concrete. According to specific requirements the automated head can be installed on existing structures of the plant. Each base is connected with water piping and power cables to its head ROTOFOG ®.


RFX is available in Road version, expressly designed for roads with dust issues. RFX Road, placed along the roadway, can moisten the road surface thus preventing the raising of dust caused by vehicles. The particular atomization moistens the ground preventing at the same time the annoying formation of puddles. As for RFX the system is centralized and equipped with a main pumping unit. The RFX system can be operated sequentially or simultaneously. It can also be programmed by a computer, manually or predisposed to run with movement or environmental sensors.

The Advantages

ROTOFOG ® grants countless benefits to the operators. With ROTOFOG ® there is remarkable water saving because the automated head operates only when it is necessary and in the most proper way on the area which has to be treated. The quality of the used jets and their control allow suppression with nebulized water without puddles on the treated areas. It is a clever system, which makes a slight use of electricity and water resource and which, at the same time, gives excellent performances in total automatism and at low prices. Moreover, thanks to the particular form of the machines, it is not necessary to build bulky and expensive supporting structures. These are remarkable results which makes ROTOFOG ® an extraordinary innovation.


By making a comparison on an area of about 8000 sq m between a ROTOFOG ® plant and a traditional or fan plant, ROTOFOG allow saving:

Water Consumption

- 85%

Electric Consumption

- 85%

Economic Saving

- 70%

Noise Emission



20 - 25 m (360°)

Water consumption

  • Min: referred to the complete dust abatement plant L/1'
  • Max: referred to the complete dust abatement plantL/1'


Electric: 1,5 - 7,5 kW/ 400 V

Water pressure

25-45 bar


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