RFA 20

The ideal solution for outdoor use.

RFA 20

RFA is the autonomous version of ROTOFOG, equipped with a pump on board. As for the standard ROTOFOG it is equipped with
a 360° turning head with an operative height up to approx. 6m. This unit allows to use the existing low pressure water piping.
RFA units can be operated locally or by the specific software RF COMMANDER. The rotation angle of the spraying head, the working
and the waiting timings, can be easily set from the control panel on board for a completely automatic operation.
RFA can be installed on flat ground or on existing structures, otherwise it can be supplied with a concrete base that allows an easy
handling with a forklift.


20 - 25 m (360°)

Water consumption

  • L/1'


Electric: 4,0 kW/ 400 V

Water pressure

25-60 bar


Machines lower than 3m can be moved with a forklift, models higher than 3 m must be fastened to the ground with bolts.

HEIGHT 3 - 4,5 -6 m

It is possible to choose between 3 different heights.


RFA 20 is available with a voltage of 400 Vac three phases.


The whole RFA range has a max rotation of 360 °

No one better than him for the treatment of work spaces.

RFA 20 is incredibly effective for the treatment of large spaces, such as industrial yards, cumulation of material, shredders, recycling plants and more.

Quality material

The RFA structure is completely hot-dip galvanized to guarantee a long-lasting product.

Total control

RFA's control panel allows you to set a very high number of operation modes.

Nebulized jet

RFA moistens the material and does not create puddles.


Remote control through radio (optionals)


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